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 1.5  -  2  hours walking  time  / minimum 3 walks per week required, the  pack  walks  M  through  F

The pint size pack walk program provides 1.5 - 2 hours of real-world exposure, confidence-building and rehabilitation for your small dog. Danielle uses a multitude of training tools and techniques to open lines of communication, establish solid and consistent boundaries, create strong trust bonds, and to generate accountability with and for the small dogs she has the pleasure of working with.

Pack walks can build confidence and provide time for your dog to be out in the real world in a controlled environment with other dogs, and with an experienced handler. It's important for your pup to learn and to know how to sniff around, how to meet and greet other dogs and new humans, and how to be encouraged to move through their urban worlds calmly, happily and deferentially.

Consistent boundaries and calm, communicative control are key to building trust; your dog will build trust over time with me as their handler and the pack.

Starting  at  $35  per  walk

Give the gift of structured pack walks to your pint size pup (and to yourself!) today!

pint size pack walks is bonded and insured by Pet Sitters Associate



Danielle is the proud primary human to a 4lb teacup chihuahua wonder named Greta Tiny Dancer (a/k/a "Tiny"), and the previous proud primary human to her beloved 90lb rottie mix named Suki (1996-2009). Danielle has been working with dogs of all sizes since she was a teenager, most recently working with Tiny who was found at 16th and Potrero in SF at around 1 year old and 2-3 pounds! To integrate Tiny into a bustling city life that previously made her reactive and sometimes aggressive, Danielle slowly but surely made progress with Tiny Dancer, acclimating her to city life by taking her everywhere and giving her heaps of exposure. Danielle also had guidance and help from The Working Walk and The Dandy Dogwalker, where she was introduced to the magic of pack walks  and the transformative effect they have on nervous reactive dogs. The small dog specific pack walk program that pint size offers was built out of wanting to see more dogs like tiny, transform and heal. Presently, Danielle is an independent dog walker in SF, CA, and is bonded and insured by pet sitters associates. She started walking independently in the fall of 19’ and named her business pint size to celebrate and emphasize her already stellar and growing client base of pint size pups (some of whom have been walking with her for almost 5 years!). Danielle is also currently enrolled in the metalsmithing program at City College of San Francisco (and is taking other art classes too!) ; in the past, Danielle worked walking dogs for The Dandy Dogwalker - a company founded in Brooklyn with a Bay Area chapter. Danielle also previously, was a community/party organizer and DJ in the SF Bay Area for over a decade, as well as a worker/owner at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative . Danielle is SF/Bay Area born-and-raised.




BREED: Shih Tzu / Pekingese / etc. | RESCUED, ahan rescue (Beijing, China) 

AGE: 5 years

IG: @bernie_bear_pup

LOVES: sleeping, sniffing, lallygagging

HATES: skateboards and ditzy overly rambunctious dogs



BREED: Chihuahua / Miniature Pincher / etc. | RESCUED, (El Paso, TX)

AGE: 5 years

LOVES: barking a lot, snacks, cuddling with very specific people, rolling in gross things on the beach & running faster than everybody and being chased while doing it

HATES: sudden loud noises, new people, unpredictable movements and sounds in general



BREED: Silky Terrier | 

RESCUED, (Palm Springs, CA)

AGE: 4 years

LOVES: sunshine, bernie (his forever crush), skateboards and watching birds at the shore.

HATES: unpredictable dogs, loud noises, fast pace bustling environments, loud trucks & sirens and new people.



BREED: Miniature Poodle | California 

AGE: 3  years 

IG: @henryvedderatwood

LOVES: stealing socks, being smart,  socializing with humans, snacks  

HATES: being bored



BREED:  Cavapoochon

AGE: 2  years old

IG: @rubywesthall

LOVES: being smart, stealing socks, being a big sister, having luxurious eyelashes 

HATES: being bored, other dogs when on leash



BREED:  Daschund mix 

RESCUED | Northern California

AGE: 3 years old 

LOVES: adventure, people, luxuriating in the sunshine 

HATES: other dogs when on leash


The Girls

NAMES: Hamilton, Hermione & Tallulah 

BREED: Teacup Poodles

AGE: 4 years, 4 years & 1 year old

LOVES: being mighty, treats,  being a pack all on their own, toys & cuddles from particular people.

HATES:  trucks,  loud  sudden  noises,  socialize with  other  dogs,  busses, leaves blowing on the sidewalk


Greta Tiny Dancer a/k/a “tiny”

BREED: Teacup Chihuahua | RESCUED, Grateful Dogs Rescue (SF, CA)

AGE: 8 years

IG: @gretatinydancer

LOVES:snoozing in soft blankets, being warm, carrots, sweet potato fries, sunbathing

HATES: clouds, cold, rain, anyone getting too close for comfort, unnecessary socializing





BREED: Parsons Russel Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier  | RESCUED, (Northern California)

PACK MEMBER: 2016 - 2020

AGE: 13 years

LOVES: screaming, earthworms, warm sun spots to lie in

HATES: eye contact with other dogs, cats, sweaters, being touched (except on special occasion and ONLY by certain select people




BREED: Maltese/ American Bulldog / Terrier etc. | RESCUED, SF SPCA (SF, CA)

PACK MEMBER: 2017 - 2018

AGE: 11 years

LOVES: treats, snoozin on the couch and beach days

HATES: skateboards, rolling carts of any kind, getting his butt sniffed, sudden changes in flooring, echoes




BREED: totally cute dude with awesome ears / etc. | RESCUED, after being ditched out of a car during a couple’s breakup (SF, CA)

PACK MEMBER: 2017 - 2019 

AGE: 5 years

IG: @muffininmotion

LOVES: new friends, snacks, snuggles, sun spots

HATES: tennis, skateboards, joggers, being cold, central heating vents




BREED: Silky Terrier / Yorkie / Chinese Crested / etc. | 

RESCUED, Coppers Dream Rescue  (SF / BAY AREA, CA)

PACK MEMBER: 2017-2019

AGE: 4 years

IG: @henderpy

LOVES: snacks, snuggling, spikey ball, feminist apparel 

HATES: capitalism, big dogs, other dogs in general really, toxic masculinity


Ms. Sanchez


BREED: Schnoodle (Schnauzer + Poodle) | RESCUED  Family Dog Rescue (TIJUANA, MEXICO) 

PACK MEMBER: 2018 - 2019

AGE: 4 years

LOVES: people, exploring her world, being smart, yelling and lunging at other dogs

HATES: other dogs she doesn’t know, being bored, anyone trying to take her raincoat off.




pack member since 2015

“Our dog Ed is a much calmer, more relaxed fellow thanks to Danielle’s incredible patience and kindness - and to her expertise in dealing with rescues with a broad range of issues. 

Before the pack walks, he reacted to every dog, every pigeon, every flash of light and some things we couldn’t even figure out completely.  Thanks to the socialization and the training he’s getting on his walks, he’s made some friends and improved a lot! After a pack walk he’s a much different dog. 

We also greatly appreciate all the detailed feedback Danielle provides because it helps us work with her to keep Ed happy, healthy and eager to enjoy his life!”

-Doug  J.



pack member since January 2019

“My dog Cheech is a nervous little  chihuahua-terrier mix rescue who used to lunge and bark at absolutely everything: skateboards, bikes, random strangers, children, coffee making machines, you name it. He’s simply not able to go off-leash as most dog walking services in SF do — if he hears any loud noises, or sees something that makes him nervous, he’ll run to the nearest exit if his walker isn’t giving him their undivided attention. 

Enter Pint Size Pack Walks: Danielle only does on-leash walks which is perfect for Cheech. Since he’s been walking with Danielle, he’s been able to relax around new people and dogs *much* more quickly, most times even letting total strangers pet and play with him (gasp!!!) He clearly loves Danielle and her pack of littles, who I get to see and read about daily on insta stories, adorable photos (The Halloween costume pack postcards Danielle printed for us were incredible) and handwritten summaries on personal cards.  I know I can rely on and trust Danielle with Cheech, and that he has a great time while learning to be happy and relaxed while I’m away at work. Thank you Danielle!”

-Angélica P.



pack member since  January 2019

“Danielle’s Mission District structured pack walks are way more than a potty break or play time; I like to think of it as sending my dog Bernie to school three times a week! Danielle teaches the dogs to coexist with other dogs and be comfortable walking the streets of SF where we all know there are many scary distractions. Bernie HATES skateboards and Danielle makes it a point to take trips to the skate park so he can work on being calm around skateboards. When it comes to communication, Danielle gives you a peek into where the pack went and what they worked on via short handwritten notes and super cute instagram stories. I feel good knowing every M/W/F my dog gets to spend 90+ minutes out with his pack getting some exercise and learning to navigate the world. And, he is slowly becoming more calm when we hear the dreaded skateboards. Bernie and I are so lucky to have Danielle in our lives!“

-Angela C.



pack member since September 2019

“Danielle at Pint Size Pack Walks has been a very special angel in the life of our dog! Leon was a rescue, and he was very nervous around new people, city noises, and all dogs. He didn't really play at all. He didn't respond to his name (he had it when we got him) or know any
commands at all. With Danielle's patience and care, he has grown so much! He now plays really well with other dogs, and he walks like a
dream on-leash. When Danielle arrives to pick him up, he runs to her and wags his tiny tail. It makes me so happy to see how much he loves
her and to see him developing his confidence and playfulness. And, bonus, Danielle leaves detailed notes every day about how the walk
went and what they did, and takes the most gorgeous pet photos you have ever seen. To top it off, she is super reliable.  I can't say enough good things about her.”

- Sarah  H-B.



pack member  2017 - 2019

(moved out of range for walks)

“Wow! Danielle is *really* helpful! Our dog came back from their walks with a new attitude (and it's much improved!). We noticed how much calmer he was after each outing with the pack. He tends to struggle with anxiety and some other quirks--like major panic around skateboards, tennis and basketball courts, random-seeming barking outbursts, etc. Well, in the time he' went out with Danielle and her pack he noticeably improved. He is more responsive to our commands, WAY more social and chill with other dogs, he is generally less anxious, and just a happier, healthier little guy. We all benefitted. Thank you Danielle!”

-Fairley D.



pack member 2017 - 2019

(moved to Los Angeles)

“My dog walker, Danielle is amazing. My dog has walked with Danielle for the past 1.5 years and we love her!!! The pack walks 3x a week M-W-F which is about 2 hours (often more) each time. Danielle incorporates training such as impulse control, reactivity during the walks. On fridays they sometimes take field trips to the beach. Danielle is so patient, sweet, and 100% reliable. she is super professional and in general Danielle is one of the best humans I know- I’m so happy I found Danielle!.”

-Ren H.


Miss Sanchez

pack member 2018-2019

(baby joined the family & upcoming move to Oakland)

“Miss Sanchez (our very leash reactive and anxious rescue dog) loved her walks with pint size pack walks and we’re still reaping the benefits of the sit/wait training. Before she started walking with them, I didn’t understand how a group of dogs with various special needs would be able to walk in unison but Danielle has the most incredible control and calming demeanor and it’s such a pleasure to see the group going strong. These walks really helped Miss Sanch with her ‘sassiness’ towards smaller dogs. Tiny clearly put her in her place. ”

-Sarah A.

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